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19 Mar 2020
Healthy water depends on pipe

Water pipes are a vital part of concealed projects and have always been a concern for owners. That's because it is hidden in the wall and once problems occur, replacement and maintenance will be costly.


The reason why water pipes must be corrosion resistant. Because the water flow itself will have a corrosive effect on the water pipes, especially acidic and alkaline substances in water or oxidative corrosion in the air. Therefore, this can reduce the leakage of water, and avoid bringing impurities into the water during the corrosion process, causing secondary pollution.


Healthy drinking water for families, starting with the choice of water pipes.


After tap water is purified, thousands of households have to go through a long pipe network. The limitations of the pipe material will inevitably cause secondary pollution of water quality, especially the water after entering the house. During the period of the worst pollution, because the traditional pipeline has no self-cleaning function, some plasticizers, masterbatches and other substances must be added during the production process, which seriously affects the health of the user, and will produce scale during use, which is equivalent to the growth of microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses have created a hotbed, and these are the main causes of secondary pollution of water quality.


The earliest we used to be galvanized iron pipe. Because of poor corrosion resistance, it is easy to rust and affects the service life, causing heavy metals to exceed the standard, so it is eliminated by the market now.


Nowadays, PPR plastic water pipes are the most widely used because of their low cost and easy installation. However, the biggest disadvantage of plastic water pipes is the precipitation of harmful substances, and because of the small density, scales are easy to store and bacteria are produced, which cannot be guaranteed. The water quality is safe, and it will be cold and brittle at low temperature, and it is easy to freeze and crack.


There is also a copper tube, which has the advantages of low flow resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and pressure resistance. It is also expensive to install, and welding is required for installation, and the corresponding installation cost is high. The copper tube will produce excessive patina, which is toxic and can be done. Insecticides have a strong stimulating effect on the intestinal tract and can cause vomiting.


The other is the stainless-steel pipe that I recommend to everyone today. It has high strength and strong corrosion-resistance, can achieve the same life as the building, and the main feature is that 304 stainless steel is called food-grade stainless steel and can be implanted. The material of the human body has good antibacterial properties, effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria in the pipeline, and scale cannot be retained during use, ensuring that the water flow will not gradually decrease, and the water quality and flow at the time of installation can be achieved after many years of use.


Stainless steel materials are not only used in medical, food, beverage, petrochemical and tableware, teapots in our homes but also can be implanted in the human body, such as artificial steel skeletons, artificial teeth and so on. After decades of application, it has been proved that stainless steel materials have excellent corrosion resistance, hygiene, no rust, no scaling, no dialysis, foreign substances, good self-cleaning, long service life, environmental protection, and 100% recycling. It will not cause secondary pollution to water quality and is one of the best pipeline transportation materials in human reality. In Europe, Japan has used stainless steel as a water pipe since the 1970s. The water supply system is still well used, and no cases of adverse effects on the human body have been found. Therefore, the popularity of stainless-steelpipeline &fittings is high, reaching 70% in Germany and 90% in Japan. In China's Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large government construction projects, stainless steel water pipes are gradually used in hotels, hospitals, and schools with more than four stars.


As the main building material in the home, water pipes cannot be purchased at will. We should consider the issue from a long-term perspective. The quality of pipeline products has a direct relationship with raw materials and pipe making technology. Rhinox - leading Stainless-Steel Plumbing pipes manufacturers in the USAadhere to the exquisite pipe making technology and rigorous attitude to provide more assured protection for your home!

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