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Rhinox Return Policy

The products attained from Rhinox can be returned on the basis of the following information:

  • The products returned by you should be in the exact condition that was at the time of purchase. The product should be in the original packaging. Also, the returned goods are accompanied by a compensation that is the amount twice the value of the returned ones.
  • The press fittings manufactured by Rhinox are non-returnable.
  • All the returnable goods are required to be returned to the original point of dispatch that too at the expense of the returnee. Also, the product should be in such condition that these can be re-sell.
  • On all the products that will be returned, a handling charge will be applied. The handling charge is for the following:
  • 1. Cost of checking

    2. Counting

    3. Re-stocking

Our Code of Conduct

Rhinox is a leading manufacturer of high-quality piping systems. The supplier code of conducts refers to the standards as well the principles that are followed by the suppliers as well as the customers.

We are completely committed to manage our company with complete honesty and integrity. We comply with all the legal requirements in order to ensure that all our employees and workers are treated with equality and respect. In the same way, we expect the similar behaviour from our suppliers as well as customers.

1. Corporate Veracity

Rhinox is a company that is a part of the society. We make sure that we comply with all the laws and rules and regulations and contribute ourselves for the betterment of the society.

Following are some of the regulations that we comply with:

• Compliance with Laws

Our suppliers and customers are expected that they comply with all the laws and regulations.

• Controls related to Export

All our suppliers are expected to not violate any national as well as international export controls. Our suppliers need to be aware about their trade restrictions that are applicable to their business that include the third parties as well as sanctioned countries.

• Prevention of Fraud

All our suppliers are expected to practice honesty as well as integrity. In order to prevent fraud and money laundering, all the suppliers must implement internal control systems. Any type of fraud must be immediately report to us.

• Preventing Conflicts of Interest

When it comes to business transactions between us and our suppliers, our suppliers are expected to take all the decisions that are wholly and solely based on objective criteria. All the factors as well as elements that has the capacity to influence the decisions of our suppliers in relation to the private business or other conflicted interests shall always be avoided from the outset. The same applies to the third parties as well.

2. Working Environment

• Health & Safety

We focus on creating a healthy and safe environment for our employees and workers and expect the same from our suppliers.

• Preventing Child Labor & Forced Labor

We comply with all the laws and regulations that are related to child labor. We focus on prohibiting forced labor. Children under the minimum age should not be employed.

• Conditions of Employment

When it comes to legal and regulatory requirements, our suppliers need to comply with the principles of International Labor Organization. Legal requirements and industrial standards should be taken into account when it comes to fixing the working hours, salaries, fringe benefits, minimum wages, overtime and other compensation.

• Preventing Discrimination

Our suppliers are expected to not practice any type of harassment that is related to race, religion, caste, colour, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or any other behavior that is disrespectful, hostile or offensive in nature.

• Equal Opportunities for All

We strive for equal opportunities for all our employees and workers and expect the same from our suppliers.

3. Environment

Our suppliers are expected to comply with all the legislations that are related to protection of the environment. The suppliers must be committed to the optimum utilization of raw materials, energy and other types of natural resources with strict adherence to minimization of waste, emissions as well as noise.

4. Intellectual Property & Communication

We expect our suppliers to respect the right to intellectual property. All the measures must be place in order to prevent any type of disclosure or unauthorized utilization of information that is confidential. All our suppliers are expected to not publish any external communication that is related to their business relationship with Rhinox without any prior consent in written. We hold responsible anyone using our brand name for illegal purposes, including our products and services and Owners' names.

5. Compliance with Supplier Code

All our suppliers are expected to adhere to all the principles that are described in the Supplier Code. Rhinox can carry out the audits after giving a prior notice in order to check that all our suppliers comply with the Supplier Code. In case of non-compliance with the supplier code, consequences can arise that may include termination of the business relationship.