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Legal Notice - Disclaimer & Copyright Statement

Content Copyright

All the information as well as the content shared on this website is wholly and solely provided for the general information of the audience and for their reference purposes only. The content shared on the website is protected with copyrights. No one is allowed to download, reproduce, duplicate, publish or edit the information shared on the website through whatever means; without prior consent in written from the management or relevant copyright owner of Rhinox.

All the hyperlinks to this website need prior application in written to Rhinox.

Images Copyright

All the images appearing on this website are the exclusive property of Rhinox, unless noted otherwise. All the images on the website are protected under the Copyright Laws. No one is allowed to duplicate, process, distribute, manipulate or commercialize any image until and unless prior consent in written is received from Rhinox. In case of any infringement, violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Anyone who wants to utilize any information or image contained within this website is required to contact our team. Utilization of this website possesses acceptance with the above mentioned copyright notice as well as all the terms & conditions presented above.

Rights Related to Trademark

As long as nothing else is stated in advance, all the trademarks used on this website including logos and water marks are protected under the trademark law and no third party is allowed to use it in any way without the prior consent of Rhinox in written.