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03 Dec 2021
Guide to Stainless Steel Piping

For a long time, brass fittings were primarily used in industrial and commercial applications. Then stainless steel appeared and took brass to another level. The changes in material preferences came swiftly after seeing the vital advantages of stainless steel for other uses. Currently, Stainless steel is widely used to produce various plumbing applications like pipes, tubes, press fittings, double and triple press fittings.

What are press fittings?

Alloy stainless steel is used to make stainless steel press fittings. These fittings are highly corrosion-resistant and durable. This means they can withstand high temperatures as well as cryogenic conditions. The best of stainless steel is that it eliminates the process of threading, welding, heat joining, and solution joining. These systems are designed to make installation easier. It's easy and cost-effective to install stainless steel piping systems that are hygienic and long-lasting.

Regardless of the product's quality or value, each Rhinox product undergoes rigorous testing before being marketed. In addition to easy installation, Rhinox systems are reliable, cost-effective, and flexible. Rhinox is committed to the strong development of stainless steel fitting, and with its natural advantages such as heat tolerance, corrosion resistance, no leaks, and etc., Rhinox has successfully developed into a leading stainless steel pipe and fittings manufacturer.

Where can Press Fittings be used?

There are several ways in which press fittings can be put to use some of them are mentioned below-

Press-fittings are tested and proven to perform under a range of temperatures and are reliable to support current carrying performance.

The combination of high reliability, corrosion resistance, durability, heat resistance, and a wide range of configuration alternatives make Press-Fit a preferred interconnect design choice for fluid transportation applications.

Why Stainless Steel Press Fittings?

Stainless is a type of steel whose corrosion resistance is high. It can repair itself due to the formation of a passive oxide layer in it. This protective layers resistance gets even better with the additional content of chromium and molybdenum levels.

Press fittings save time and money - By using press fittings, you can make connections in a fraction of the time that would be required to weld or solder these pipes. Then there is a significant reduction in the training needed as compared to welding, brazing, or soldering. In addition to eliminating labor, press fittings are an excellent option for large-scale installations.

Press Fitting connections are secure- The consistent strength provided by them is commendable. The connection is as strong as welded or soldered connections as long as the pipe is prepared correctly according to the instructions of the press tool system manufacturer.

Quick Repairs- Even if the pipe system is wet, press-fitting connections can still be completed. To ensure that no operations are interrupted, stainless fittings are well suited for the use of industrial as well as commercial use. To perform the maintenance, with press fittings there is no need to shut down a pipe system.

Finding the perfect stainless fitting and tube fitting for your application has become easier now with Rhinox.

Rhinox is a renowned brand of stainless steel press fittings and tubes supplier and manufacturer. Rhinox will provide you with the best experience of plumbing services with a high quality of products. The press fittings products of Rhinox like- double press fittings, triple press fittings, stainless steel pipes, V press fittings, VV press fittings are produced with the best of innovative and modern technologies. In addition to the benefits of picking Rhinox, there are additional benefits such as better durability, less maintenance, and cost saving when you consider the life cycle cost of the product.

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