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24 Sep 2020
Is your tap water "fresh"?

Choose the freshest vegetables, the freshest fruits, and the freshest meat... As we all know, freshness is the most important criterion for judging the quality of food. In our eyes, freshness and quality, Taste, taste, and health are equal. In the field of food and beverage, we strive for fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry, but in terms of drinking water sources, do we still maintain this habit? Hearing this, many people may be a little surprised. Is the tap water fresh or not? of course.

Is your tap water "fresh"?

Different from the freshness of food, fresh water refers to "water in non-dead water", that is, "non-pipe storage water". What is the backwater segment? The dead water section is a section of water that has not flowed for a long time in the water supply pipeline, and such a dead water section is one of the necessary conditions for the production of legionella: the water flow is still for more than 6 hours. If the dead water section, the water temperature is 25°C-55° Between C, Legionella can multiply. The moment we used water was the moment of confrontation with countless legionella. According to research, in daily use, the dead water accumulated in the water supply pipeline at home is about 80L, which is equivalent to the amount of 4 barrels of mineral water. When we travelled, the water in all the pipes in the house was stagnant. At this time, the backwater accumulated in the water supply pipeline in the home is about 140L, which is equivalent to the amount of 7 barrels of mineral water.

Is your tap water "fresh"?

Therefore, many people will release a little water before using it in the morning, but if it can be exchanged for healthy water, it does not matter. However, as the water stays in the pipeline for longer and longer, there will be more and more legionella attached to the wall. The simple discharge of water can remove most of the legionella bacteria in the water flow, but it is powerless to the bacteria attached to the wall of the tube. If you are using plastic pipes, the bacteria are easily attached to the rough walls, and the propagation of Legionella is even more overwhelming. Human body is infected with Legionella, and the lethal rate may be as high as 15%-20%. In particular, the elderly and children with weaker constitutions have a higher mortality rate. Therefore, to really drink clean and fresh water, we still have to work hard on the pipeline-replace the stainless steel water pipe.

Is your tap water "fresh"?

Compared with other water pipes, stainless steel water pipes are healthier and more environmentally friendly. It is scientifically proven that food-grade stainless steel materials will not scale and breed bacteria for a long time when immersed in water, without precipitation and zero pollution. Moreover, the wall of the stainless steel water pipe is smoother, while accelerating the water flow, it will not allow impurities to adhere and form scale. In many developed countries in the world, especially in countries with strict water quality requirements, stainless steel water pipes are standard drinking water pipes and the first choice for direct drinking water. But fortunately, as the central and local governments have stepped up efforts to ensure the safety of drinking water, stainless steel water pipes have been explicitly promoted and upgraded by governments at all levels. Therefore, as you can see, the stainless steel water pipe brand is ushering in a hundred flowers.

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