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19 May 2021
Rhinox, modern technology for the future of potable water

Highly essential and needed for daily sustenance, water is life. There is plenty of water around us but not enough potable water. The contamination of water sources and the rapidly increasing consumption has made it challenging to provide safe drinking water to all. As such, the role of technology in managing and purifying water is gaining importance day by day. Advanced filtration technology is used to produce water that is chemically and biologically safe to drink. New water technologies help to make water pure and appealing in taste, odour and colour.  

The water industry has evolved with the changing technology. Various R&D activities have been carried out to provide affordable and safe drinking water to people. There are several processes involved in water treatment such as reverse osmosis, water oxidation, and membrane filtration. >

  • Reverse osmosis is when you take the groundwater and put it through a series of processes in order to remove the minerals from the water and deionize it. This makes water safe for people to consume.
  • Membrane filtration has further four types—nanofiltration, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and microfiltration. This process is used to enhance the food quality as it helps separate particles from the water to create beverages such as milk, juice, beer, etc.
  • Water oxidation breaks down water into two—hydrogen and oxygen. It takes the water back to its original elements in order to make it useful for other things like filling up oxygen tanks.  

    The purpose of these advanced water treatment technologies is to produce drinking water as it sustains life. It is critical for all living beings to survive and grow in their natural environments. Now how this water reaches you without being contaminated is equally important. This is where stainless steel plumbing comes into play.  

    Most of us are under the impression that a plumbing system made of plastics is ‘less expensive’ compared to metals. But this is not true. We forget the exorbitant cost of the fatal impact of end-of-life plastics on life. Moreover, the shorter lifespan of plastics as compared to stainless steel pipes and press fittings is a parameter to be considered. Above all, we should not forget the hazardous effect of plastic on our environment.  

    Steel press fittings in the plumbing system have various advantages. Apart from being eco-friendly, these are thinner than the plastic ones and therefore use less steel. They are available in various shapes which permit us to use different techniques for the plumbing system. With stainless steel press fittings, there is less consumption of energy while installing, another plus for the environment.  

    Out of all the plumbing pipes and press fittings available in the market, remember, stainless steel is the most durable, safe and reliable to use. These are designed and made for eco-sustainability. Stainless steel can resist corrosion, is hygienic and is aesthetically pleasing as well.  

    Rhinox is a global player in using innovative manufacturing technologies to develop products that are sustainable and smart when it comes to water connectivity. The products are of high quality, are easy to install and highly durable. Every single pipe and press fitting of Rhinox is reliable, sustainable and built to last.  

    Trust Rhinox to deliver the service and product that utilizes modern technology for the future of potable water. Visit www.rhinoxusa.com for more details.

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