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26 May 2021
Save water by efficient plumbing

There are countless ways we can save water every day. From closing the tap while brushing our teeth to putting in plants the water we use for washing our fruits and vegetables, each of us has the power to contribute towards water conservation. Apart from individual effort, the right plumbing system in the house is equally important in saving water. Stainless steel water-efficient fixtures can not only improve the quality of water but also reduce water bills.

One of the best plumbing brands, Rhinox, implores you to ask yourself:

How much water are you consuming?

The first thing you should be aware of is the total water usage. Check the recent water bill and that’ll tell you how much water you have been consuming. Then, you move on to figuring out the day-to-day usage by tracking the water meter. You can even install a smart water meter tracker app to help you analyze the water consumption for every application. It’ll make it easier to ascertain any overuse.

Have you upgraded to low-flow yet?

Low-flow fixtures in plumbing are the new way to preserve water. These fixtures save water by reducing the flow rate of water or giving a smaller quantity per flush. It is one of the most-effective water conservation measures. You can replace your existing fixtures with these without disturbing the whole plumbing system.

By installing low-flow showerheads, and faucet aerators, you’ll get one step closer to saving water and money. Not only that, but it will also improve performance and safety. Make sure that the shower valve is sized for your showerhead.

Low-flow toilets should also be on your to-do list as toilets are one of the biggest indoor water guzzlers and most of the toilets use water carelessly. Low-flow toilets are known to be water-efficient and clean with appropriate flushing power.

How can you reuse wasted water?

After you’ve upgraded to low-flow and fixed all the leaks, consider reusing the water. For example, if you’re washing dishes then you can keep that water for flushing the toilet or use the handwashing water to flush. Another example can be reusing the discarded water from the water purifiers. A certain amount of water is wasted during the purification process that you can use to maybe water the plants, wash your car, etc.

Heard about outdoor water consumption?

Most of us concentrate on conserving water indoors and completely forget our outdoors. In properties where there are green areas like a lawn or a garden, the water bill comprises majorly of the outdoor water consumption. In such cases, a smart sprinkler system to water your lawn can help save litres and litres of water per day. Remember to always water it at dawn to not lose water to evaporation.

Are you consistent with home inspections?

Get your plumbing system checked by a professional to ensure there are no leaky faucets or other drips that could be wasting precious water. Rather than waiting for a clogged pipe to call a plumber, be proactive and have routine home inspections. Check your bathroom hardware, pipes below the sink, toilet leaks, and even outdoor faucets and hoses.

Once you’ve identified the leaks, get the fixtures replaced by a plumber. They can even suggest some water-efficient practices that you can follow in your daily routine.

Don’t forget the drains!

The drainage system plays a fundamental role in the performance of the plumbing system. Drains are usually ignored until and unless they get clogged. This is a harmful practice. It is necessary to pay attention to the drains as well and use eco-friendly drain cleaners as the chemical ones are bound to damage the pipes. In the bathrooms and kitchen sinks, one must use strainers to keep particles from entering the drain pipes and clogging them. Even though drains have no role in preserving water or energy, they do affect the working of the pipes. Therefore, be careful with how you treat your drains.

Water conservation, when done with diligence, is not an impossible feat. Indoor water consumption is the easiest first step you can start with. With the above tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be improving the performance of the plumbing system, being more water-efficient, and saving money in no time.

When you decide to upgrade your fixtures, choose Rhinox, one of the top plumbing manufacturers. Their stainless steel pipes are of high quality, reliable, and ensure optimum protection against corrosion. Visit for more details about their innovative products and services.

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