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27 Jan 2023
Stainless Steel Pipe Price List

There are many reasons why people are shifting to stainless steel pipes and replacing PVC or plastic pipes or other metallic pipes because stainless steel is totally corrosion free and is not affected by the weather or temperature fluctuations. Plus, the added advantage, you get totally contamination-free water through stainless steel pipes.

Water-borne diseases are still so very common in India and plastic pipes are one reason for that. People have installed PVC pipes or plastic pipes that either cause corrosion or chemical leaching in the water and hence the people are forced to drink contaminated water. Installing stainless steel pipes makes sense and is a healthy decision despite the fact that stainless steel is a costly material as compared to plastic. But that doesn't mean all stainless steel pipes are best and worth choosing! You should compare the quality and price before buying stainless steel pipes and this is your ultimate guide to the stainless steel pipe price list! Experts recommend choosing Rhinox India stainless steel pipes as these are manufactured with premium quality high-grade stainless steel and are recommended for healthy disbursal of water. Rhinox India is one of the leading names in the manufacturing of stainless steel pipes.

Their pipes are known for setting up benchmarks of quality and are insulated to maintain a stable temperature. You can find Rhinox stainless steel pipes ranging from DN15 to DN 100 size. The wall thickness of these pipes also varies between 1MM to 2 MM while the tube length remains the same as 6000 MM whichever size or thickness you choose. The outside diameter of Rhinox India pipes also varies as per the specifications you choose. What remains constant is the quality commitment of Rhinox India!

These pipes are manufactured with a specially configured system using an autogenous (fuzion) longitudinal gas tungsten welding process. If you’re keen to know the price bracket of Rhinox India pipes, you can check the company website or drop an email for the query. The company maintains a swift response rate with all its clients and customers on digital media. Rhinox also maintains a uniform pricing policy and you will not need to bargain or worry about the right price for stainless steel pipes<

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