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24 Oct 2020


The process of proper plumbing is critical as it serves as a medium that provides access to water, movement of liquids and gases and the drainage of sewage. Stainless steel offers numerous advantages to the architects as well as the designers of the plumbing systems because of its low corrosion rate, capacity to withstand higher flow rates and easy installation.

Stainless Steel Plumbing 

All types of stainless steel tubes and pipelines as well as other apparatuses like sinks, bath tubs, taps, and other products used in the drainage system may initially cost high but stainless steel plumbing is always considered as the best option because of its guaranteed durability.

Using Stainless Steel in Water Distribution

There are millions of miles of pipelines and tubing that are used for the transmission of water. In order to offer long service life and delivering quality water, the pipelines should offer corrosion resistance to water, soil chemistries and other chemicals. Stainless steel tubes and pipelines have been considered to provide corrosion resistance for almost all types of applications.

There are some key benefits that prove why stainless steel is ideal for the purposes of plumbing.

Let’s go through the key advantages.

1. Protection from Corrosion

Because of low-alloyed grades, stainless steel pipeline and tubing provide resistance to corrosion in pure water environments. On the other hand, because of high-alloyed grades, stainless steel offers resistance to corrosion in the high alkaline solutions, acids and other conditions bearing chlorine.

2. Easy to Install

There are many factors which makes it easier to install the stainless steel pipeline and tubes. The diameter of the pipes and tubes get reduced because of high strength and corrosion resistance. Hence, making it easier to install. The press fittings of stainless steel are considered very efficient to be used in joints and are suitable for installation where the space is limited.

3. Low Maintenance

The life of stainless steel pipelines and tubing is considered as over 50 years which is far longer than all the other materials. Once the stainless steel plumbing is done, no maintenance is required after installation. Also, the maintenance cost is low as it does not require any additional coating. The economic value of the stainless steel pipeline and tubes tend to increase overtime.

4. Hygienic

If the installation is performed in a proper manner, the stainless steel does not contaminate the system. This is significant in case of stainless steel taps and pipes that acts as a medium to transmit clear water for drinking and other household purposes.

5. Aesthetic Value

The stainless steel pipelines and tubes go perfectly with the modern interiors and architecture. The look of the stainless steel is very appealing and hence, can be left as it is without being painted.

6. Longevity

Because of the alloying composition, the duration and lifetime of stainless steel is very long. As stainless steel plumbing offer a long-term value, it is considered as a least expensive option.

As a wise costumer, you will always choose that material that not only performs effectively but is also very durable i.e. have a long service life. Stainless steel pipeline and tubes is always the best option to be used in plumbing. Many common problems can be prevented by using stainless steel pipeline and tubes. Due to its aesthetic value, it is also coupled with features that are environment friendly like the ability to get recycled and free from all types of contamination if installed correctly.


The plumbing products made up of stainless steel are continuing to grow in term of popularity. For right product recommendations and to have an access to high-quality stainless steel pipes and fittings, Rhinox which is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel tubes, pipelines and fittings.

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