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Throughout Rhinox history, our engineering teams have developed high-quality products, processes, and services designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Product Development

New products include completely new themes, product expansion, and product improvements aimed at reducing costs. We are sensitive to changes in market requirements and create and improve products that customers want. The development procedure is:

  • Determine the product concept that matches the market.
  • Design in consideration of performance, cost, mass productivity, etc.
  • Check whether the designed product satisfies the requirements.
  • From establishment of mass production method to mass production.

Over 100 processing machines for the best connections.

In contrast to other providers, Rhinox is a manufacturer and produces itself in its own production. We master the entire machining and manufacturing process on the most modern machines. As a result, we not only have a lot of know-how, but also offer you unique advantages such as:

  • We are state of the art and use our machinery efficiently and optimally for customer.
  • We develop some products from other manufacturers and have stood for secure customer-supplier relationships.
  • We can flexibly adapt our production to your requirements and react quickly to requests.
  • We offer you the direct route - from the producer to the user; this saves you time and effort.

Expertise For Custom Solutions

We know the special challenges of the different industries for the transport of high purity media. All our competences flow into our engineering expertise. In close contact with our customers, we develop specific, custom technical solutions from ideas and rough sketches. As far as implementation goes, this applies to us: If you can draw it, we can make it.

100% Batch Traceability

Your product is in the best hands during the entire manufacturing process: namely only in ours. As an in-house producer, we have absolute control over every single production step. If, in the unlikely event that quality-related problems occur during the period of use of a stainless steel product, exact batch tracing from the raw material.

During production, we mark each individual part with a laser engraving so that it can be assigned at any time. So you can be sure that the fittings you use have been manufactured to the highest standards by Rhinox.

Jewels in Stainless Steel

Just like jewels, each item produced by Rhinox is subjected to an ultrasonic cleaning treatment. At the end of this process, fittings are bright, completely cleaned, sterilized and ready to be used even for very particular applications.