To the Rhinox, certificates are a proof of responsibility towards the clients, the partners, the community and the territory. It springs from the awareness that our activity cannot come before the guidelines and the expectations of the stakeholders.

Whoever chooses for Rhinox products, chooses a company which:
  • Ensures Clarity and Transparency towards the client by explicitly communicating every production and sales detail. This facilitates the operational management of the products (ex. estimates and order confirmations are send with a detailed description of the product, the delivery date, the transport measure, technical drawings with indications of the different uses, dimension schemes and other possible details);
  • Testes every single product. Every product is provided with a Certificate of Conformity and Testing and our qualitative management system guarantees the correct execution of every process in accordance with the defined standards;
  • Constantly invests in research on innovative solutions and on the improvement of the products performance, focusing on both quality and cost reduction;
  • Realises qualitative productswhich also positively influence our clients projects;
  • Operates with a respect for people, the environment and the territory;
  • Invests in training on subjects such as health, occupational safety and environmental sustain ability. Our staff is kept up to date on the binding rules and on how to share best practices;
  • Assures competence, reliability and personalized solutions.
  • We have implemented international management systems and standards that have been recognized with numerous certificates.

Research Institute

Since its establishment, it has performed The Task of Research & Development Of New Products, performance improvement and product manufacturing technique which are suitable for green technology.

It will do the best to lead a role in green growth, in pursuit of growing into a leading edge technology research institute on the 21st century, hinging on the active research and development.

Numbers That Speak For Themselves


One out of 10 employees works in quality assurance


Of our employees live their responsibility for quality


Certificates and quality related documents produced each month


Incoming and outgoing goods inspections per week

Rhinox Stainless Steel Pipe And Fittings -the Highest Level Of Quality

Products for water, gases and air be it Drinking water, flammable gases for welding, modified atmospheres for food or breathable air for medical applications, require the highest quality and precision.

  • Comprehensive quality management system
  • Highest quality and precision
  • Complies with all relevant standards
  • Certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and PED
  • Regular tests by TUV, DVGW, Intertek
  • Internationally respected QM methods like HACCP

Rhinox Applies Complete Quality Management Systems To Its Stainless Steel Pipe And Fittings Manufacturing Operations

  • Processing stainless ISO9001; 2008 Standard
  • Environmental management for processing Stainless (ISO14001: 2004)
  • Occupational Health and Safety for processing Stainless 45001-2018 Standard

Rhinox Products Are Hygienically Safe For Drinking Water

Pipe and Fittings materials are crucial in drinking water installations. The modern 316L Stainless steel alloy Rhinox is used to produce Fittings that not only meet the highest technical and mechanical requirements, but also meet current and future requirements in terms of hygiene. For the manufacture of Fittings and Pipes components, however, Rhinox only uses materials that are subject to suitability for drinking water hygiene as proven by the Federal Environment Agency.

Reach - Safely Informed With Rhinox

Evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. REACH aims to ensure the highest level of protection of human health and the environment. As a business partner, customer purchase piping systems and components from us. All obligations arising from the REACH regulation are fully applicable to us. REACH is the European Chemicals Regulation for registration that took effect in 2007.

Pressure and Temperature Certification

the certificate for designing and producing pressurized devices conform to the 97/23/CE directive (PED pressure equipment directive) which guarantees the ability of designing and producing Stainless steel pipe and fitings. Working pressure of 16 bar for hot and cold water is confirmed by Rhinox CE approval. Higher pressures can be achieved for continuous use, subject to individual project application and requirements.

HACCP Certified

Especially for processes in the food industry, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) has been established as standard methodology. Rhinox as a manufacturer of Stainless pipe and fittings hold a HACCP certification confirming that the Rhinox products support the integrity and safety of foods as demanded by industry expectations, legislation and standards.