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First-class and proven for drinking water installations

Our expertise in installation technology was demonstrated from the very first time our proven stainless steel pipe system for drinking water pipework was used. All of our stainless steel pipe systems have perfectly reliable coupling technology. Pipes, fittings, and pressing technology from one single source. You can rely on our stainless steel pipe system – and that's a promise!

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Drinking water disinfection Special protection and safety in focus

With the Drinking Water Directive 98/83 / EC, drinking water was placed under special protection in 1998 as the most important food. Drinking water hygiene is very important because drinking water has a major impact on human health. In the field of drinking water installation, this means that planning, construction and operation must be carried out in such a way that the installation does not cause any diseases.


Drinking water

is a basic requirement for health, well-being, and all growth. The Rhinox stainless steel pipe system was developed specifically for this essential element, so as to deliver spring-clear water to you at home, at work, everywhere!

Minimise Risk With Stainless Steel – The Safe Choice

Stainless steel is the material of choice for handling food, pharmaceuticals and other materials when absolute hygiene must be maintained. It is essentially inert, posing no risk of cross contamination, tainting, chemical reaction, toxicity or corrosion.