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Triple Press Fitting

Rhinox stainless steel has been updated with a special profile which consist of double O-Ring with VV-shaped grooves, and 5 stage pressing. During the pipe connecting process, the special profile provides extraordinary safety function with double-edge. Adding the updated function of the safety edge on outside of the fitting prevent insufficient insertion. Moreover, if the fitting is un-pressed, the sealing ring with a lump allows the outflow of water drop and indicates un-pressed location. The compress-seizing method uses a special pressing tool to install Rhinox VV-press system.

Advantages include better hygiene, durability, less required maintenance, and cost savings, when taking into account the life cycle cost. Installation costs are also competitive. It delivers the best results when used with stainless steel press fittings, and is especially suitable for concealed location behind concrete wall or when laid underground.

VV Press Fittings

There is difference in the press profile and the way the force is applied to the fittings when being pressed. As you will see in the above images, the "M" profile fitting allows for 2 press points, while the "V" Profile fitting allows for 3 and "VV" Profile allows for only 5 press points. This has a dramatic effect upon the overall security and pressure rating of the actual joint.

All manufacturers of press fittings use the same raw materials and are certified to the same standards. The biggest difference is the profile of the fittings and the tooling used. Based on all of this information, if you are looking for the maximum safety in any installation, "VV"Profile fittings is most reliable connection. So, the next time you have a project and decide to use Stainless Press, ensure you use the right product that is fit for purpose and offers you the greatest security for your workmanship. For expert advice on any installation, please refer to our technical department.

4th Generation Pipe-fit Connection

The double O-Ring bead creates an mechanical connection between pipes & fittings. The O-Ring is pressed permanently into the pipe. During the pressing, pressure is applied on fittings for 5 angles which result in a robust formation of the O-Ring bead and Before Pressing / After Pressing an extremely secure connection.

Tensile Strength

There are three positions of the crimping grooves at the connection part between the stainless steel pipe and the fitting, which increases the pull-out resistance of the connection part and is three times that of the ordinary connection. Stainless steel to water pipe tensile strength is greater than 520N / mm, and has good ductility and toughness.

Pressing Jaw Guide

The Unique design VV press fitting has 2 V-shaped slot in which 2O-RIng installation. The Unique " 2 U-shaped slot " Jaws which guide on the fittings ensure that the pressing Jaw is positioned exactly right during pressing. It also prevents any risk of the joint slipping or being pressed in the wrong place.

Three Hexagonal Clamping Joints

After clamping, the connection parts of the pipes and tubes form the most stable hexagonal shape, so that the connection position is tightly matched after mechanical compression, forming a high strength pull - resistant performance and sealing performance, which ensures the connection position to be safe, reliable and zero water leakage to the greatest extent. , long life.

Minimal Liniar Expansion

The special composition of Rhinox plumbing system the high thickness of pipe & fitting prevents linear expansion of the pipe in response to temperature fluctuations. This means fewer fastening points are required during installation than with conventional stainless steel plumbing.

Jewels like fittings

Just like jewels, each item produced by Rhinox VV press is subjected to an ultrasonic cleaning treatment. At the end of this process, fittings are bright, completely cleaned, sterilized and ready to be used even for very particular applications.

Maximum Pipe Insert Depth

VV TypeInsertion Length (mm)
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When measuring the insertion depth the Rhinox vv press techology system have maximum pipe length in the world. During the pressing sequence, the seal ring is given a precise , pre-defined shape. During this process, the ring absorbs additional energy for permanent and reliable tightness.

Leak If Unpressed

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