The process of making Rhinox stainless steel pipes and fittings starts with the selection of the finest raw materials. Each pipe and fitting is manufactured in an ultra-modern facility where attention to detail guarantees the quality of every item which leaves the factory. Extensive individual testing of each pipe or fitting, including rigorous hydraulic pressure testing, eddy current testing, and annealing of all pipe and fittings to ensure optimal quality standards are consistently met. Rhinox has earned an enviable reputation and is the product of choice for installers due to its high quality, durability and cost competitiveness.

Fast & Easy To Use

Installing Rhinox stainless steel pipe systems has advantages over traditional brazed copper or bonded PVC systems. RHINOX is press-fitted with rubber O rings, which means water doesn't have to be fully drained before making joints, unlike welded systems. Time isn't spent waiting for adhesive bonds to set. And there is no heat or flame, which means no hot works permit. As a result, installing RHINOX is faster, easier, cleaner and safer & a better option.

Push & Stay & Leak Path

Fitting Rhinox stainless steel pipe systems is rapid and simple. Start with hand-fitted joints, which are sufficiently tight to complete the rough-in. With this approach, adjustments can be made to get the right pipe design and placement. Finally, you can complete each joint by pressing. All joints which are not yet pressed will leak (Leak Path), allowing for easy identification of those which are completed and those which are not.

High-Quality 316L Stainless Steel Tube

Each Rhinox pipe and fitting is precision manufactured from certified 316L stainless steel. Pipe features include:

  • Low carbon (<0.03%) with between 2-3% Molybdenum content ensures even higher corrosion resistance
  • Sizes 15–108mm
  • AS 5200.053 compliant

Stainless steel press fittings features include:

  • 316L material EN 1.4404 (press fittings)
  • 316 material EN 1.4408 (precision cast parts)

Press with Ease with RHINOX Tooling

Gearing up to supply and install RHINOX stainless steel pipe systems is easy. If you have previously pressed copper, in many cases an upgrade of jaws will be all that will be required, check your tool's compatibility with your local distributor. RHINOX tools feature:

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design.
  • Tools well balanced with one hand operation in most sizes.
  • Includes powerful Li-ion batteries.

RHINOX tools feature:

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design.
  • Tools well balanced with one hand operation in most sizes.
  • Includes powerful Li-ion batteries.


The term "press-fit" refers to a joining method for tube systems using fittings, which are mechanically pressed with specific tools. The pressing operation leads to a mechanical joint between the tube and the fitting. Hydraulic tightness is achieved by the O-ring-system. Stainless steel is used for this technique because of its high quality. The fitting geometry and the section of the compressed area vary from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, the (interchangeable) jaws of the power tools must be approved by the manufacturer of the fittings.

Additionally, an elastomer "O" ring is embedded in the fitting. The research was carried out to identify and test the polymers for these sealing components, which should provide durability for the life of stainless steel. The "O" ring must be made of a material that is resistant to the media to be conveyed. For instance, different types of rings are used for water, petroleum products or natural gas.


The Most Hygienic Option

Polished stainless steel is free from oil, grease and any other corrosion-inducing materials. Since all RHINOX systems undergo rigorous testing the potential of leaks and contamination is minimized. Stainless Steel pipes are also used for pharmaceutical purposes which need a high degree of purity and also for ANSI/NSF quality drinking water.

A Cost-Effective Solution

A RHINOX stainless steel press-fit system offers a level of quality no other industrial piping method can match. The press-fit system slashes costs by up to 30 percent because specialized labor and gas cylinders are not required for its welding. Faster, cheaper and reliable, modular systems have redefined the industry standard.

Improved Water Delivery

Rhinox stainless steel pipes and press fittings are resistant to corrosion, rust, chemical leaching and other types of post contamination and deliver fresh water to homes and commercial industries.


With the RHINOX pressing tools, components are easier to assemble without sacrificing reliability. Rhinox connections have been tested and are reliable even at pressures over 300 psi, way higher than typical operating pressures in the 100 to 200 psi range. With our joining method, the connection of the pipe will not get separated during temperature fluctuations or trapped vibrations within a pipe network.


Stainless steel pipes have low inner surface friction, remain stable at extreme temperatures, and are not affected by sunlight or ultraviolet rays. Moreover, there is no maintenance required after its installation and thus reducing system downtime replacement and maintenance costs. It is designed to last for at least 50 years with no almost zero maintenance cost.

No Leaks During Testing

Each RHINOX press-fit component (up to and including 54mm) features a highly-visible crimp indicator to prevent substandard installations of competitors' products of having to fill the pipes to test, then containing leaks, with subsequent draining fluids and clean-up. With the RHINOX press check sleeves, each joint has a highly visible external indicator, there is no need to fill and pressurize the system with potentially expensive fluid, risk messy leaks, then drain the system and repeat the procedure.


Rhinox thin-walled stainless steel pipe uses less raw material than other Stainless Steel Pipes. Stainless steel pipe limits environmental impact as compared to alternative pipe materials. Its corrosion resistance minimizes the potential for product loss. Stainless steel is not a petroleum product. There is also less energy loss within stainless steel pipe due to it's smooth, low friction interior, and stainless steel pipe is 100% recoverable either through recycling or reuse.


They Save "COST”

Following are the reasons:

  • Rhinox press fittings can be installed fast and save a lot of money and time.
  • The installation can be done by skilled and Non-Skilled manpower.
  • There's no welding required, so no need to apply for a hot work permit.
  • There's no need for welding rods and wires.
  • The fittings can be built on the location, so there is no need for detail schematic drawings.

They Save "TIME”

Because of the following facts:

  • It takes only 6-8 seconds to install a Rhinox pressfitting. Thus, downtime is reduced.
  • Rhinox press fitting system can be constructed onsite, so no need for pre-works at the workshop.
  • Do not need to wait for hot work permits.
  • No need for preparation and treatment before and after welding.
  • Rhinox press fittings allow systems to be fully trial assembled on site before permanent pressing, so give no chance for rework.
  • Rhinox press fittings can be modified easily and quickly at any time in the future and can be done by virtually anyone.
  • Rhinox press fittings allow more effective work practices in tight spaces where the elbow room and clearance is very restricted.

They Reduce "RISKS”

Because of the following facts:

  • No flame on site.
  • No smoke.
  • No heat.
  • No risk of fire or explosion.
  • It is much easier to meet OH&S regulations. (OH&S: Occupational Health and Safety Regulations)
  • Featured with "sure pressed" technology, unpressured connections will be detected during pressure testing.