Premium Quality

Quality is the major segment & that is where Rhinox stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Suppliers stands out. We believe in delivering nothing but the best. The unique brands and businesses - the ones created by innovation, technology and vision of bringing something that surpasses the customer requirements.

Economical Value

Rhinox, one of the most admired Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in India and USA never compromise on the product's quality. Rhinox offers competitive pricing and more interestingly, our structure helps the builders to save more money. Recommending or even specifying, We always care for customer budget, builder profits and our brand value.

World-Class Warranty

Rhinox gives one of the best warranties in the business. If we make it or sell it, we warrant it. In an industry where warranties are often held hostage for more business, we stand alone with our promise. our products are the result of our manufacturing knowledge and they meet the necessary standards and certifications.


  • Better Plan: Rhinox makes contractors much more capable with our exclusive range of stainless-steel double and triple press fittings, you can plan potable installations. This can make you distinct from your competition - and help you grow relationships with your builder and developer partners.
  • Winning Strategy: Build on facts of ability and knowledge to be in a win-win position. The skill is to be different & better. Giving your customer with multiple options to choose from. Labour savings is very important. It is as more important as saving money on materials. Saving labour, through innovations, never creates a callback and does not put the brand at risk like other "cost-saving" ideas.
  • Labor Savings: Labour savings is the key to success in the business of rough plumbing. Hold the line on quality - find savings with speed. And our products are a great place to start. The line of full of products –Stainless Steel Pipes, Tubes & Fittings. And, they do so while holding the line on quality and advancing the brand.
  • Quality Qualified: Quality saves, it saves on time. More importantly, quality sells! We control quality from raw material to finished goods. We ensure our quality stainless steel range of products are beyond reproach. And, we back it up with a world-class warranty.
  • Logistics: For a rough plumbing contractor, logistics are half the battle. Saving time at the installation is important; but, saving before the installation is just as important. And, rough plumbing logistics can be more complicated than meets the eye: bidding, planning, buying, receiving, handling, shipping, stationing, pre-assembling and more. Our products are designed as logistics solutions and very easy to be shipped.