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Everything under one-roof

Rhinox stainless Steel Tubing Manufacturer Supplier has always believed in providing assistant to its customers by recommending the best products for customers' field of application. Everything is manufactured and produced under one roof so to achieve optimum levels of refinement & to meet the customer demands. Rhinox qualified project management supervises every production step effectively and efficiently.

A Wide Range Of Design, Testing And Manufacturing Services

A leading enterprise knows how to develop better products based on consumer demands, whereas a great enterprise knows how to lead and create demands through innovation. Our goal is to fulfill and create consumer demands by our intelligent products, to make life more energy-efficient, comfortable and beautiful.

We plan, design & create the products in our manufacturing plants, from the criteria of setting the benchmarks in the features of the product This lets us control the maximum number of variables and ensure the quality of every product before dispatching it. .

Quality is at the heart of Rhinox Stainless Steel Press Fittings & pipe systems. From raw materials to sheet stainless steel and finally, to the manufacture of individual pipes and fittings, every process and procedure is rigorously aligned with industry standards and best practices. No items leave the Rhinox factory until they have passed stringent Quality Assurance tests.

Best Quality

Our factory construction area is huge and we have a multi-functional valve inspection system, intelligent test center, and best production equipment.

Best Price

Round the Globe we have many factories we offer top quality products with best price, because of this we have successfully established our strong presence in the world.

Best Service

Rhinox offers professional customer service. Our main motto has always been to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and to fullfill all your needs in the best possible way!