Everything under one-roof

Right from the start, we support our customers with our know-how to produce your metal components concerning manufacture and cost aspects. Our qualified project management supervises every development step effectively and efficiently.

We assist you in finding the best material for your field of application. You profit from our expertise in metal and production concepts.

We guarantee high-quality products by cooperating only with certified suppliers.


Product and Project Consultation

We provide product and project consultation to better understand your requirements. This includes project calculation and technical consultation to establish on-time and application-oriented pipes and fittings integration that adheres to industry quality standards.

We offer customization of the water pipe and fittings products to achieve specific needs and conform to industry requirements for water systems. Equipped with the capacity to accommodate plumbing projects in overseas casting facilities, we can support civil works and building construction developments according to specific country standard.

To facilitate our clients’ projects, we also provide Bill of Quantities and Schedule of Rates in water and sanitary in the building and construction industry.


Design Services

Rhinox stainless steel tube manufacturers in the USA, produce fabrication drawings of Whole building plumbing connections, including Solar water heating, Heat pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, water filtrations, special Faucets, pumps and connecting washrooms and kitchens from contractor-supplied flow diagrams, mechanical drawings and approved submittals and specifications.

When you contact our Design Services Team, you'll meet with an experienced engineer to understand your project and specifications scope. Once all the details are worked out and agreed upon the drawing work begins and preliminary prints are provided to review and discuss at trade meetings.

Extended Services include any scope beyond Basic Services. There are many different types of services offered as extended:

  • BOM by component (pump, Heating) or by system
  • Unique Tagging – adding unique tags to individual components
  • Distribution Piping
  • Commercial Piping
  • Oil Field Piping

BIM Library

If you are working on a Building Information Modelling project, Rhinox can help you. We have developed a BIM Library, compatible with the Autodesk Revit software.

Information files in RFA format and 3D visuals.

This library includes all the components in the Rhinox Stainless steel range: Stainless steel press fittings, Stainless steel push fittings and Stainless steel pipes.


A thinking brain to improve the installer work and safety.

“It is essential to study our customer requirements and needs. Thus we constantly invest in research before delivering products."Rhinox stainless steel pipe fittings are manufacture in USA, we constantly work hard to improve its installation processes and search for easy tools, in terms of safety and reliability, to support installation team development.

We study the application, water quality at site, material science, thermal/acoustic insulations, earthing, connection with different material, Fire protection, heat tracing, Anti-freezing, pressure tests and certifications provide for the 100% successful results.

Product Logistic Management

To support project productivity and cost-efficiency, our service extends to product logistic management, ranging from warehouse storage, local delivery, packing, to overseas delivery. With our extensive delivery fleet and warehousing infrastructure, we can ensure timely and accurate distribution of water and sanitary hardware supplies for your projects.


On-site Support

Rhinox responsibility does not end once the product has arrived from the site. Our external and inside technical teams are on hand to provide support when any queries are raised. Rhinox stainless steel pipeline & fittings are not the only quality thing we provide but all the facilities to inspect any concerns raised and respond on time with little to no impact on the project. Where the site team are unfamiliar with our products or have queries on how to best commission the systems, Rhinox is available to give product overview training.

Continuous Training

Rhinox provides for its schooling room, set up to exchange experiences and technical competences. Train its employees accordingly and its customers as well as a decision that creates value.

It increases the knowledge of our product and performances of our designers and installers, in a more and more competitive and crowded market. Rhinox strongly believes in training as the more the operator is informed, the more motivated and driven he/she will be to reach the set goals.

  • BOM by component (pump, Heating) or by system
  • Unique Tagging – adding unique tags to individual components
  • Distribution Piping
  • Commercial Piping
  • Oil Field Piping


Rhinox stands out for its attention and service paid to customers, before and after the sale thanks to the constant research of dedicated solutions. A tight-knit and trained team answering in real-time to its customer requirements.