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Energy saver, Safe, Durable & Environment Friendly.

Another advantage of stainless steel is that it can be completely recycled for further use and made into new products when its service life ends.

The cost relating to system service is a major concern for technicians and design engineers. Because stainless steel material can solve the problems of corrosion no matter what is caused by electrolysis or alloy internal stress the concept of “Life Cycle Cost” has been greatly improved.

More and more engineers and manufacturers are choosing pipeline products made of stainless steel material, it helps in environmental protection, and is economic, safe, durable and thus getting worldwide recognition.


Name 316 Stainless Tube PPR Pipe Galvanized Tube
Life Can be used more than 50years. No rust, no aging, the service life is the same as building life and It does not require any service after finishing the subject. 12-15 years service life, easy aging, hardening, Can have more explosive tube, maintenance and replacement cost is higher Service life 8-15years, easy aging, easy to rust, easy corrosion, high maintenance and replacement cost.
Strength High strength material, can with stand instantaneous 89 Mpa. The material is less than one tenth the strength of stainless steel, it is easy to break when you knock hard. Slightly high strength material
Bearing pressure Pressure capacity up to 10 Mpa pressure, high-Mata pipes are preferred for water Low capacity, especially not suitable for high-risewater supply. Slightly high capacity
Tube deformation Tube deformation thermal expansion coefficient is small,will not produce deformation. Large coefficient of thermal expansion, easy deformation,easy to bend. small thermal expansion coefficient, not easy to produce deformation.
Environmental protection and health It will not release toxic substances and will not cause secondary pollution to water quality,environmental protection and health. It is recommended by the state. One of green environmental protection health products. Easy to release harmful substances, secondary to the water quality. Pollution, "red water", "Plasticizer", The use of plastic tubes has been discouraged.. Inner wall easy to scale, easy to breed bacteria, yellow water, pollution of water quality, pollution sanitary
Flow influence Flow affects the inner wall smooth, not easy to scale does not affect the water flow The inner wall is relatively rough and easy to scale after years of using. The flow of water decreases. Long use pipe section reduction, increase, cause flow current not.
Installation process Easy installation, 15 seconds molding. It's easier and safer to connect. Installation needs to be connected to electricity tools, need to master certain operation as a technique. Slightly Convenient.
Water leakage risk grade problem The risk of leakage is minimal.. Low bearing capacity,easy to leak. Traditional connections are easy to leak
Grade Class is high grade, Beautiful and elegant appearance Low grade, poor appearance. The class is not as good as stainless steel pipes