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Rhinox Integrated Plumbing System

The Perfect Solution Always & Everywhere

The Rhinox integrated plumbing offers stainless steel pipe and fittings that deliverquality and value on every level. The Rhinox system is easy to install, reliable, cost effective and versatile. The natural advantages of stainless steel, lowfriction pipe wall, high heat tolerance, UV and corrosion resistance along with our exclusive, and superior, joining method, make Rhinox stainless steela top quality product.

Stainless steel plumbing integrated system designed for customer’s benefit, we know the right technology needs to be chosen for every applications across a very broad range of uses including residential, commercial and industrial installations. Stainless steel pipe systems can be found in medical facilities, food production facilities and in energy production applications, to name but a few examples. Because of its versatility, it is expected that stainless steel pipe installations will continue to grow well into the future. Rhinox plumbing systems offers high quality & durability combined with complete program which adds up to low LCC (Life Cycle Cost) forcustomer’s benefit.



Benefits of

Rhinox press fittings and pipes system delivers the ability to plumb an entire potable water system from meter to fixture with the specially designed mechanical tools. This revolutionary system provides a faster, safer, and more reliable installation for long-term performance and satisfaction.

Professional Manufacturer

Throughout Rhinox history, our engineering teams have developed high-quality products, processes, and services designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Stainless Passion And Innovation

Passion and experience fo renovation is our vision and it guide us in every choice. Dedicated and committed to the research, design and manufacturing of Stainless steel heavy fittings and rigid tubes.


The Rhinox system offers heavy unit weight, reduced installation cost and energy requirements as well as superior Life-cycle costs than other applications in the market.

Efficient Water Delivery

The surface of stainless steel has a layer of chromium oxide that forms a protective barrier, preventing the metal from oxidizing with the water.


Stainless steel pipe is the most environmentally friendly material in the industry as it is 100% recyclable and can be reused or repurposed.

Reliability in every joint

Each Rhinox stainless steel double O-RING press-fit joint is safely interlocked with the connecting pipes to ensure each joint is held together securely.

Quality At 360°

Our quality process includes suppliers, products, manufacturing steps , materials, logistic and assistance service. We have ISO9001: 2015 certification and quality, more than a process, is our attitude.

Fully certified

Extensive third party certification have allowed the Rhinox Press fittings system (pipes + fittings) to obtain c omp l i a n c e wit h t h e s tri c t e s t international certifications, offers peace of mind to the client, specifier and installer.

Technical Support

During the critical step of product development, we work closely with you, in order to create a high-quality solution, by using our internal design team.